Why did we name our company Woolman?

Why did we name our company Woolman?

We wanted our story and name to reflect our company’s values and principles. 

John Woolman was an American trader and journalist who fought against slavery in the 18th century. Our mission is to remove technological boundaries and free up our clients’ resources for their business. In our experience IT systems tie down and even ‘enslave’ business operations. The nimble development of IT hasn’t meant nimble business. We want to change this and enable nimble business. This is possible when you choose the right SaaS-based technologies and help clients on their journey.

Collet Everman Woolman was one of the founders of Delta Air Lines. Under his leadership, Delta took good care of its passengers and employees while growing and thriving. His most famous quotation is:

”Let's put ourselves on the other side of the ticket counter.”

As Delta grew, he was horrified that he could no longer know every employee by name. He believed in people and doing things together. These things describe well our passion and ability to lead our operations through our clients to allow us to keep our value promises.

”Quality begins with people.”

Our values include joy, openness, pride, honesty, authenticity, creativity and a focus on solutions. We want our values to be reflected in everything we do, whether that’s clients, workers, partners, or anyone who wants to share our mission. All of this creates trust, which is vital. We’re in the trust business, after all.

”Any individual or business that is completely honest in all its dealings is likely to succeed.”

Juha Harju, CEO & founder / Woolman

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