Twelve months of learning

Twelve months of learning

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Almost exactly a year ago we got our first born son. What a great day it was. There’s no need to say more. Those who have been there already know and those who haven’t – It’s impossible to explain. I was a partner in a company that we sold few months earlier so I had an opportunity to stay home with the mother of my son. The first child is a big step so the timing could not have been better. I had no idea what I’m going to do next but trying to keep my son alive.

Last twelve months have been a lot of laughing, playing, feeding, singing, crying, changing diapers, putting my son to sleep and him waking me up. Watching him grow in one oversimplifying sentence... You’ll get the picture. But it has been a lot more also professionally.

When I left my old job behind, I also got a huge opportunity to learn. I was able to focus on things I was really interested. I’ve been learning about many different things but I got stuck in SaaS services and cloud technologies. I have over ten years of experience in e-commerce, so it was really interesting to study how the whole retail IT architecture could be build fast and customized flexibly using cloud services.

Because I've been in IT business many years I knew a thing or two but this time I was free to go where wanted and dive deeper. I spent not just weeks but months studying different cloud technologies and SaaS based services like e-commerce platforms and ecosystems, warehouse management systems, POS systems, digital marketing services, customer support etc. I also build complete solutions from A to Z for some companies that just happened to ask me to help. It’s been very inspiring to see what really can be done in such a short period of time.

During the last year I’ve had a lot of discussion about retail business with many people who have shared the same vision. Like Juha Harju (former CEO of Descom and my old friend who I’ve been working with over 10 year) blogged earlier this week, everything starts when you meet other people. About six months ago we met with Juha and Miika Malinen (a long term e-commerce merchant) and we shared the same vision, passion and values and one thing led to another.

Now when I’m looking back last twelve months of learning, I’m really starting to see first concrete results – my son has learned to walk and Woolman has born.

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